Corinn Cross, MD

Measles: Should You Be Worried?

Measles: Should You Be Worried?

Thursday, 05 February 2015 00:00

Unless you are living in a bubble, you've most likely heard about the measles outbreak currently going on in the U.S. A foreigner traveler with the measles visited Disneyland in December of 2014 exposing countless individuals. Fast-forward a month and we are up to 102 cases in the first month 2015. Majority of the cases are in southern California, but there are now 14 states reporting cases of the measles, including Arizona where we just had tens of thousands of people visit for the Super Bowl.

And while it seems there is no shortage of opinions, anecdotes and rhetoric flying around, many parents still find it hard to get basic information about what is measles, what should they do, and do they need to worry.

For some parents this information will bring peace of mind, for others it may sway them to reconsider the pros and cons of a non-vaccination choice.