Pamela Moore

Pamela Moore

Pamela was labeled as a genius as a child, and her curiosity and problem solving ability were encouraged. With a Liberal Arts degree from University of the Ozarks in Arkansas, she packed up her husband to move to sunny Los Angeles. She spent almost a decade applying those problem solving skills to help doctors improve their practices, then transferred those skills to working with a small business executive.

Pamela spends her days with her "assistants," two rescue dogs. She's fitness motivated, both studying and teaching dance. She's always learning something new, which serves her well as a producer for RadioMD.
Convenient Foods for Inconvenience Haters

Convenient Foods for Inconvenience Haters

Thursday, 05 May 2016 12:14

My husband and I are always busy. We enjoy cooking, but we have so many projects going that sometimes it's tough to prepare a healthy meal in a hurry. 

Both of us have daytime careers. We also have after-hours activities; I dance and sew while he writes. 

Fortunately, we only have dogs to depend on us when we're not meeting deadlines. Over the years, we've eaten many ready-made meals from Trader Joe's and freezer pizzas. But, we haven't owned a microwave since 2005, which drastically cuts back on our convenience food options.

With my health scare at the beginning of the year, it was time to make some dietary changes… fewer preservatives, less processed food, even more produce. But, we're busy people and it is hard as hell to cook every meal from scratch without losing valuable production time. 

I know many of you feel me on this one. How the devil can we eat healthy when it takes so long to make meals?

Here are the four solutions in our household.
It's Not Me, It's YOU: Breaking Up with Your Doc

It's Not Me, It's YOU: Breaking Up with Your Doc

Thursday, 24 March 2016 13:33

I’m one of those patients who researches everything on the Internet. I work for RadioMD, so of course I would.

About seven weeks ago, shortness of breath resulted in a fainting spell in my ballet conditioning class. I’m aware of an anaerobic asthma condition but usually don’t need my inhaler for ballet conditioning. I stepped out to catch my breath, blacked out, and woke up after 30 seconds of bonding with the floor.

I was breathing fine when I awoke and refused the ambulance offered to me. My husband zipped in to collect me. He knows I’m strong-willed and independent, so he didn’t argue when I said I’d see a doctor the next day.

I kept that promise. But, it was more complicated than it set out to be.