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Debunking the Latest Health Myths with Dr. Roizen

Different studies and research on our health come out every day, and too often the media picks up and spreads one piece of information without giving us the whole story.

Dr. Michael Roizen and Dr. Darria break down the latest health news and help you figure out what is fact and what is fiction.
Debunking the Latest Health Myths with Dr. Roizen
Featured Speaker:
Michael Roizen, MD
Dr. Roizen Photo 1 PP 300x300Michael F. Roizen, MD, Chief Wellness Officer at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic; co-founded RealAge, a service providing personal health tools to consumers and now part of ShareCare; author of the award-winning series of RealAge books; co-authored, with Dr. Mehmet Oz, YOU: The Owner’s Manual series of bestselling books; lecturer, TV personality, and radio talk show personality; advocate of exercise and living the healthy life – and he practices what he preaches.