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Get Your Best Night’s Sleep

Ahead of Sleep Awareness Week, Dr. Michael Breus, “The Sleep Doctor,” joins Dr. Darria to discuss the importance of sleep, consequences of not getting enough shut-eye, and how to have your best night’s sleep.
Get Your Best Night’s Sleep
Featured Speaker:
Michael J. Breus, PhD
Michael-BruesMichael J. Breus, Ph.D., is a Clinical Psychologist, a Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and a Fellow of The American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Dr. Breus is on the clinical advisory board of The Dr. Oz Show and is the author of The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan: Lose Weight Through Better Sleep, a groundbreaking book discussing the science and relationship between quality sleep and metabolism. He also authored GOOD NIGHT: The Sleep Doctor’s 4-Week Program to Better Sleep and Better Health and BEAUTY SLEEP: Look Younger, Lose Weight, and Feel Great Through Better Sleep. Dr. Breus also writes The Insomnia Blog and can be found regularly on WebMD, Huffington Post, Psychology Today, MedPedia, Organized Wisdom, and Furniture Today and has been interviewed on CNN, Oprah, The View, and The Doctors.