Food Limitations & Solutions

Summary: Learn some tips to keep food interesting, despite food restrictions and allergies.
Air Date: 8/16/17
Duration: 27:12
Host: Mike Fenster, MD
Guest Bio: Aine McAteer, Personal Chef
Aine McAteerAine McAteer, a native of Ireland has spent the last 40 years traveling the world in a quest to learn from leading teachers about the impact of food on health. She has had an illustrious career in the entertainment world as a personal chef for A-list actors and music icons.

Aine is a published and award winning cookbook author, and has been featured on television and in newspapers and magazines worldwide. Although based in California, Aine travels the world both as a personal chef and teaching workshops on food and health in locations such as South Africa, Bali, Australia, and of course her native Ireland.

She is a featured writer on Oprah Winfrey’s website

  • Guest Twitter Account: @Irishfoodangel
Food Limitations & Solutions
Dietary restrictions and allergies guide your eating choices. Discovering these restrictions challenges you to find foods you can eat that still provide the nourishment you need.

Here are a few tips:

  • Experiment to see what foods you can eat in a food group. You may not be able to have milk, but aged cheeses or yogurt may be okay for you.
  • Try fermented foods. They’re flavorful and filled with probiotics.
  • Be mindful when you prepare food so the dining experience is infused with pleasure.
  • Go wildcrafting. Find natural foods in the environment.
Listen as Aine McAteer joins Dr. Mike Fenster to share how you can turn your limits into freedoms.
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