How to Handle Holiday Stress

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Summary: Why is this time of year the most stressful?
Air Date: 11/6/15
Duration: 10
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: Darcy Sweeney, MS
Darcy Sweeney Darcy Sweeney has battled addiction since her early teens. After years of fighting the battle, trough 19 treatment centers, she found herself.

She found that her life's work is to help people who are also caught in a similar battle. She established Life Design Mastery to empower those struggling with addictions to find the champion within themselves and learn to create the extraordinary life they would love to live.
How to Handle Holiday Stress
Holidays and family often form the perfect storm for evoking all kinds of stress, anger, and emotional triggers.

It starts with Halloween and wraps up around January 2, but those two months can seem like an eternity.

The excessive amounts of liquor and food, coupled with stress, can be a real problem if not handled correctly.

The holidays can make you feel pressure to be happy and festive. However, life just doesn't always work that way.

What is radical self-care and how can it help?

Listen in as Darcy Sweeney, MS, shares how you can manage your holiday stress and enjoy your time with your loved ones.


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