Covid-19: We are Resilient

  • Topic Info:This is a stressful time for all of us, filled with fear, anxiety, uncertainty and worry as our world turns upside down.

    But Myra believes, as humans, we are resilient. Myra Giberovitch is an educator, social worker, consultant, author and professional speaker. She is an adjunct professor at the McGill University School of Social and author of "Recovering from Genocidal Trauma." Growing up Myra's mother used to say, “In life we never know what lies ahead. What’s important is to adapt to circumstances you can’t change, no matter how difficult.”

    She made everyday choices to control her environment. One of them was choosing to have a positive attitude and taking action when responding to situations. She persevered and never gave up. Myra is filled with hope and positive regard for her fellow human beings. She chooses to focus on our common humanity, resilience, and kindness and all the goodness that is out there.

    Listen to this podcast to be inspired and to learn different tips we can use to remain positive during these challenging times .
  • Book Title: Mom Hacks: 100+ Science-Backed Shortcuts to Reclaim Your Body, Raise Awesome Kids, and Be Unstoppable
  • Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN & Lisa Davis, MPH