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The New Science of Exercise Recovery

The New Science of Exercise Recovery
Physical activity is vital, but so is recovery. Tim Roberts is here to discuss the benefits, preparation, and importance of exercise recovery.
Featured Speaker:
Tim Roberts
Therabody Vice President of Global Science and Innovation Timothy Roberts heads up
Therabody Labs and ensures that science is at the heart of everything Therabody does, from
research, to education, and fundamentally our product development. Tim’s passion is using
science-backed methods to develop approachable wellness products that enhance everyday
health and human performance. With an academic background in exercise, physiology, and
biochemistry, Timothy received his undergraduate degree at the University of Birmingham,
England and his master’s degree at the University of Tampa, Florida. Timothy spent 9 years with
the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI) conducting both lab and field research, working
with athletes in professional sports leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS), and leading athlete facing
innovation and service. He was able to support athletes and organizations to develop scientific
strategies that could be applied to their unique situations and environments. From 2018 - 2019,
he led sports science for the NFL’s International Pathway Program, overseeing how they used
technology and the scientific method to support the coaches and athletes. In addition to his role
at Therabody, Timothy also sits on the Industry Advisory Board for the College of Health and
Human Performance at the University of Florida.