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Cold or Flu? Know Your Symptoms

Cold or Flu? Know Your Symptoms

Expert : Dr. Bret Nicks
As the discussion on the flu crisis continues, we explore the differences between cold and flu. How can you know the difference? ... read more
Protect Yourself & Your Family From the Flu
Each winter season typically suffers a serious flu outbreak. Learn what physicians are seeing inside the ER, and how to protect yourself. ... read more
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Leigh Vinocur, MD
Dr. Leigh Vinocur is a board certified emergency physician and nationally recognized on-air medical personality. She appears regularly as a medical expert and contributor on the Today Show, the Fox News Channel and the popular syndicated Dr. Oz Show. She is a health contributor and columnist for the widely read online newspaper the Huffington Post. She developed and hosts the Dr. Leigh Vinocur Show: Health From the Outside IN on RadioMD.com. Read more

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