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How to Eliminate Stress and Get More Energy

Stress and a lack of energy are two of the most common complaints heard by physicians. This can range from difficulty sleeping,  low performance, and focus at work, fatigue, lack of motivation, and even depression. Many people turn to comfort foods, energy drinks, coffee, or sugar-loaded candy to give them a needed boost. Unfortunately, their energy effects are just temporary and often followed by a crash.

In this segment, Dr. Friedman explains why so many people are fatigued and stressed and he offers simple solutions to achieving sustained, healthy energy!  If you want to stop your yawning and unleash your inner energizer bunny, you need to hear this podcast! 

Here are a few things you’ll learn:

·      A quick solution that eliminates 80% of your stress.

·      Natural Alternatives to achieving sustained, healthy energy.

·      Foods that fuel stress and cause fatigue. 

·      A healthy snack that improves mental focus in less than 45 minutes!

·      Secrets to attaining deep restorative sleep.

·      Is coffee healthy or should you avoid it?

·      How to get off the hamster wheel and break free from the shackles of your daily routine.    

….. This and much more!