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Cracking the Code on Wellness: New Year’s Resolutions, Wellness Philosophy, and Debunking Myths

It's the new year and many of you are razor focused on getting healthy, losing weight, and getting in shape. Unfortunately, by the end of March, 85% will give up on their New Year's resolution. 

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Joining us today is David Kirsch, a leading authority on how to improve your health at any age or fitness level. Trusted by many a-list celebrities, athletes, and influencers, David has become the go-to for getting into shape and staying there. He's the go-to when celebrities want to get into shape, including Jennifer Lopez, Heidi Klum, Kate Upton, Kerry Washington, and Linda Evangelista, just to name a few.

Through his books, fitness videos, and healthy recipes and supplements, David gives you the blueprints to attaining optimal losing weight (and here's the key) keeping it off!

Cracking the Code on Wellness: New Year’s Resolutions, Wellness Philosophy, and Debunking Myths
Featured Speaker:
With over three decades of experience uncovering and harnessing the powerful connection between mind, body and spirit, David Kirsch has become a leading authority on achieving optimal health and well-being at any age or fitness level. An early proponent of tapping the power of the mind to sculpt the body, David is a true visionary in the field of wellness. Throughout his years as a sought-after trainer, David has transformed the bodies—and lives—of countless devotees through his signature combination of mind-body conditioning, multi-tasking workouts, and smart nutrition. From founding New York’s award-winning Madison Square Club to developing unprecedented supplements, classes, and techniques designed to maximize workouts, David has been a pioneer in the wellness field throughout his long career.

David’s holistic approach to wellness, encompassing a disciplined exercise, nutrition and supplements regimen, is rooted in his philosophy of “Sound Mind, Sound Body” – achieving harmony of mind, body and spirit. Trusted by some of the world’s most visible celebrities and influencers, David is the man with whom many A-listers train when they need to get in shape fast. One of the unique aspects of training with David, is his expertise in reading different body types and his ability to target different parts of the body. His workouts are customized and not “cookie cutter” in any way. Whether you are pear shaped and carry your weight in your hips, thighs and butt; apple shaped – carrying your weight in your upper body and arms; or an orange and need to shape and tone all over, David delivers lasting results.